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Private Club Radio

The Private Club Radio Show is the industry’s weekly source for education, news, predictions, product spotlights, trends and other current developments in the world of private clubs. If you’re involved in a golf club, yacht club, athletic club or business club, this is the show for you. The Private Club Radio show is the most awarded podcast in the golf industry having received a 2017 Communicator Award of Distinction as well as a Pazzie Award.

Each week, Private Club Radio features one expert guest who has the opportunity to share their story and answer questions related to their field of expertise. Guests range from association presidents to general managers, and from industry experts to product manufacturers and club vendors.

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Wednesday Match Play Presented by MemberText

Ricky Potts gets up close and personal with golf industry professionals to gain a better understanding of their brand. In a mono-e-mono match play format, Ricky will go head to head with our guests creating fun and engaging discussion about everything golf shining light on some of the latest and greatest golf brands in the world today. This show is brought to you by Eat Sleep Golf.

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